Electric prosecution dokgo

Size 900*750*1950
Product detail

Washing thedishesorutensilsusedhandwieis used tokeepprocessedhygienicallydisinfected.




2. Structure
- The body then has to milpae high density insulation between them and with internal and external dual structure.

- But the door has a hinged door is attached to the packing and attach value Cat-handle.

- Sterilization method is forced to the guns, and by using the suction fan is in the form of heat to bring the left

  and right heater.

- Machine room is located in the upper portion and in the control panel and are attached to the front of the

  machine in the machine room.

- Attach the heater to the machine room left and right walls, and it is designed to be repaired during the passage

  of hot air and president cover to be replaced.

- Increase in the high, low and must be installed, but the shelves of adjustable shelves of a seamless approach

   to ventilation.

- Operation of the device is sterilized using a command timer and makes it possible to mount the timer box.

- The steel sheet used in the device is used as a hairline plate 27 of stainless steel species.

- For the base to the body it is high, and gives stability to the level of the unit to be controlled to a low.