• 2019
    Designated as a G-PASS company for Overseas Procurement Market
  • 2018
    Time honored Business ”IBK Bank president award”
  • 2017
    Designated as a venture company
  • 2016
    Ignition apparatus of rotary type kettle system(patent 10-1617223)
  • 2015
    Environmental management system certificate (KS I ISO14001:2009/ISO14001:2004)
    2015 (CEO Park Chan-eui) Prime Minister, top management at Koera University
  • 2014
    Distinguished Leadership Awrad
  • 2013
    Rinnai Korea an agency contract
  • 2012
    Type of innovation in management designated small and medium enterprises (BIZ - MAIN)
    Quality assurance jijeongseo (Q-Mark)
  • 2011
    Award, Minister of Knowledge
    Presidential Award


  • 2010
    Recognition exclusively for research and development department
    Quality Management System (KS 1 ISO9001:2009/ISO9001:2008) certificate
    The Prime Minister's award.
  • 2009
    Type designation (biz - inno) small businesses to innovate
    Designation of promising small business, Gyeonggi Province
  • 2008
    Coven combination steamer Koeran agents and technology partnerships
    Performance certificate Mark K (vegetable washer)
    Certificate of designation of excellent products by the General Services Administration (vegetable washer)
  • 2007
    GAS range commercial ks b 8129 GAS range. acquiring KS(ks b 812 b)
    Hanyang University Technology the signing of the Memorandum
    Affiliation to Korean Construction Guarantee facility / Work Business registrantion of machinery and equipment
  • 2006
    Designation of venture capital firms
  • 2005
    Acquiring foreign companies innovative quality control certificate
    Schools for mass feeding facilities company Prime Minister (Gyeongin Daily News)
    Registered a patent for a vegetable washer (No.003325호)
  • 2004
    The opening of the headquarters building(Gaehwa-dong)
  • 2003
    Received a gold medal in 2003 Seoul In
  • 2002
    World Cup stadium construction installed kichen equipment delivery
    Generator patent registration number of sterilization(j Vol.8, 0925677)
  • 2001
    Electronics safety certification(HH07196-1001A)
    Kyeonggi Regional Small Medium Business Administration venture firms designated (business techmology assessments)


  • 2000
    Registered a patent for a sterilization cleaner(Patent. No 0264143)
  • 1999
    Registered as a construction specialist (Heating construction type1)
    Acquired new Korean technology certification (K.T) (Minister of Science and Technology)
    Designated as an export supporting company
    Rewarded as an excellent product developer (Minister of Commerce, Industy and Energy)
  • 1998
    Exhaust hood patent registration (patent j Vol.8, 144621)
    (Acquisition) ISO 9001 certification (quality assurance system)
    The research arm of seolchip
    Specified quality assurance company
  • 1995
    Established a technological partnership with Suzki
    (week) general kitchen utensils instead of reciprocal change
  • 1994
    Permitted to manufacture of refrigerating machine(No.9-8)
    Registered as a center delivery company of military(Code 0906)
    Registered. plant relocation.
  • 1993
    Permitted to manufacture gas products (No. 9-17)
    Permitted to manufacture heat equipment(No. 35)


  • 1989
    Joined Korea Commercial Cooker Machinery Industry Cooperatives(No. 89-7)
  • 1988
    88 Summer Olympice athletes village construction installed kitchen equipment delivery
  • 1986
    Joined Korea Steal Furniture Cooperative Association (No. 563)
    86 Summer Olympice athletes village construction installed kitchen equipment delivery
  • 1973
    Renamed to be DAESHIN Kitchen Equipment Co. Ltd
  • 1964
    DAESHIN Kitchen Equipment was established